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Selasa, 15 Disember 2009

Xpresi cinta: antara taib dan brook

Sungguh pesona tampak dari jendela Hotel Hilton Kuching di awal pagi.... tersergam indah 2 binaan dedekasi buat yang tercinta. Seteguh Port Margerita yang menyerlah dalam kehijaun, putih bersih setulus kecintaan Raja Brook pada sang isteri. Kekal abadi zaman berzaman setia menadah kesegaran embun pagi. Namun kini tidak semegah tetangga terdekat,  DUN Sarawak mercu tanda terbaharu negeri Sarawak. Sayang sarawak tidak lagi meratapi sungai yang sempit kerana kalau pun perahu sempit untuk dibawa channel komunikasi lain sudah dimaju. Binaan indah DUN bangkali menjadi hadiah Datuk Patinggi untuk rakyat Sarawak yang di cintai.  Begitulah masa mengubah segala. Keutuhan dan keputihan Port Margerita di tenggelami kesergaman dan sinar keemasan DUN hasil binaan anak negeri tanpa naungan raja omputih... jeragang

Jumaat, 4 Disember 2009

Pulut Durian

Assalamualaikum wbt KIK-ers,

Saya baru berkesempatan pulang ke kampung di Kuala Kangsar sempena menyambut Aidiladha minggu lepas.Di kesempatan tersebut saya secara tidak langsung menjengah ke Stesen MARDI Kuala Kangsar yang terletak kira-kira sepelaung dari rumah orang tua saya.

Tujuan menjengah ke stesen tersebut hanya untuk melawat kawan-kawan Induksi yang pernah saya jaga dan berjumpa dengan pakcik-makcik saudara saya (yang telah hampir 25tahun bekerja disitu) .Selain daripada itu,lawatan saya ini untuk PERTAMA kalinya saya menjengah stesen tersebut setelah hampir 27 tahun berada di muka bumi ini.hehehe...(sebenarnya MARDI ni masa saya kecil,tempat kami budak2 kampung makan buah free!!!syhhhh..jangan cerita kat orang lain!!)...

Sesampai sahaja saya dipintu stesen,saya terhidu bau buah durian..lama rasanye tak makan buah durian..saya dipelawa olek En. Li & En. Din/Pn Jamilah(bapa saudara) untuk merasa buah MDUR dan D2.Memang kelas rasanya!!!saya terus beli lagi 8 biji dan bawa balik ke rumah.Mak & isteri masakkan pulut dan dimakan dengan durian..

Ya Allah!!! Lama sungguh saya tak merasa nikmat makan Pulut Durian ini.

Bayangkan apabila rasa lemak-lemak manis durian tu,digaul dengan rasa masin-masin santan dan lemak pulut...Pergh!!!memang nikmat...

Inilah nikmat sebenar kate orang-orang tua.Bila kita makan sesuatu benda,kita RASA nikmatnya..

Dan NIKMAT seperti itulah yang saya ingin rasakan selepas selesai kita buat PRESENTATION kumpulan kita di hadapan Pengarah & Timbalan Pengarah Sumber Manusia pada 15hb Disember nanti..

Sama macam nikmat makan PULUT DURIAN!!!!

Mohamad Aizat Mohamad Zawawi

Selasa, 1 Disember 2009

as I can see it

It was heartening to see whats happening in last Fiqir meeting. Everybody seems to me wanted to be involve in the process of chosing the project for the team. I am very happy that I was able to be around in witnessing the team finally come to the consentious in deciding 'memendekkan saluran komunikasi dalam perlaksanaan keputusan'. I think the decission is very timely considering that peoples are complainning about our slowness  in implementation. Lets see what the team can explore further.... may be down to the roots of the problems and find ways of solving them. Judging from the discussion prior to the decission in last meeting I believed without doubt that the group have the capability to perform and delivering the result. However they must win the support from BPSM management first, of course. Is the presentation ready Has?

As I can see, they all very indepth  in analysing the problems resulting from vast experiences collected over a long long times. I can sense some of the members were very frank in speaking their mind. Most of all, they can defend their opinion in a very hard way and at the same time respect others..... keep up the good work guys! I am very happy to follow how the group disscused and put foward reasonning over certain things and chip in when necessary to guide them reaching the consentious.  I sincerelly hope that the team will manage to suggest a working flatform as a long term solution to the problem. Whatever happen I am looking foreward to accompany you all reaching final destination...... jeragang 

what do you expect .......

Photo sometimes could be misleading .  Its depends on where you focus the object to be specific target and get whats you  want. If you properly closed up more often or not small thing can become big. Things that suppost near to us can be very far away..... its all in you mind .......worst still if you fail put things properly on its perspective you may not even know where it is. look at the photo properlly ...... can you guess where it is
if you want it more clearer you shoud look at this one
or this one can give you more help .... what? still not clear
oh yea.... try this one
and by now you have enough confidence to tell me where are those photo taken.... mind you probably some of us going might be going there many many time or even used to work there.... prize for member that can answer accurately

Khamis, 26 November 2009

Along with my memory lane

Working in MARDI from time to time you are required to travel to the research stations located scattered all over Malaysia. During the trip you have opportunity staying in a nice place which sometimes able to retrieved back your sweet memories. I want to share with you some of them here over times. Hopefully its would help you to trigger some good idea out of this as whats I alway do and I sincerely hope more and more peoples will share theirs like what Aizat just did.

Early in the morning when the sun still at its rest. All the birds yet to leave their nest... morning dews just started falling down wetting the grass.. as the sand still intact embracing the wetness of morning dews... old fisherman folks getting ready to pull their boats entering south chinese sea without knowing for sure whats they will get in return to feed those who waiting at home... thats what had happening here long long time ago... now you can not experience it any more, like what I did last time
. However you can still watch this panoramic views in front of Anis Chalet, in Kg Tanjung Gelam... a traditional fisherman village near Kuala Trengganu city.... about 6 or 8 km from airpot just next to University Malaysia Trengganu. Brother Makul drebar cemerlang SM can send you to the place

Although you can still watching fisherman pulling their boats like before but everything has changing now... no more wooden perahu kolek, sekuci or bedor or muto patat potong as whats they were using before.... all those gone in exchanging with small fibreglass boats, almost all under government subsidy scheme, except for my father's one which he bought for himself.

I can still remember that last time when I was still a teenager I used to be a member of the group that pull the boat, putting cylinder shape of small logs underneath the boat as platform or galang as what they call it, making the pulling works easier. As a reward we will be given a few fish by the boat owner which I sell them for my pocket money or for paying bus fare to my school in Seberang Takir or more accurate Bukit Tok Bing, now Sekolah Menengah Ibrahim Fikri. I still remember tok ki (my grandpa) as juruselam those days, used to give me pretty lots of fish by any standard during that time. My father not always there because he often masuk kuala, meaning going to Kuala Trengganu jetty or rang ayoh mat at Seberang Takir straight from the sea to sell the catches on behalf of other fishermen. I will stori-stori in my blog Kampung Nelayan later if you like. My father is jeragang muto i.e the man incharge captaining big vessel with internal engine.

Its touched my heart on the day I visited them, we can still speak in fisherman lingo as we used before, storying about how they treat me while i am still one of them. I can feels how happy Pak Mat, ayahsu Yah, Pak su Daik and other fishermen there, speaking to me, chatting old stories. Way back in my fisherman days like them, we all gi kelaut to gather. During that time some of them called me jeragang muda because at one time I was helping my father paying duit cemo which actually parts of their share of income from the catches for the day, when they still working with my father. Being an orang beso dok Kolumpo now as what they have said, do not changed me much. As for myself, I am glad that I was benefit a lots from helping my father managing his awok-awok. I am applying lots of my father's management principle in my works as TPSM04 now and my earlier works.... again I will write more in my blog. Till then I wish you all Eid Mubarak.... may Allah bless us. Salam 1 Malaysia dari ............. jeragang

Selasa, 24 November 2009

As It Touched Me..

Assalamualaikum wbt & Greetings KIK-ers,

Its been a hethic 2 months for us in Training & Competency Program (SM02) as we finally managed to conduct 7 series of motivational training program for institute's lower level staff which involved 1312 numbers of participants. Started from East Coast (Tok Bali,Kelantan) to Northern of Malaysia (Sg Petani,Kedah) to Bintulu ,Sarawak and a great 'touch down' in Port Dickson,Negeri Sembilan.We finally managed to 'give' at least 2 days of training day for our lower level staff who are mainly our labourers.Its a great team effort and an experienced I will never ever forget..

Refused To Join The Training Program
As we go along to conduct the training program, we at SM02 received a lots of letters from our participants as a words of refusal to attend the course.The main reason a mostly related to family matters such as "Tiada orang nak menghantar anak ke sekolah", "menjaga anak kerana isteri maghadapi peperiksaan" and so on...Yet,it came to my mind to conclude that these are the types of people who are really refused to something that good and beneficial for them.

My Wife Complaints
To make this training program meets its objectives, we in SM02 as the Secretariat need to be along throughout this 'tour' from Kelantan to Kedah to Sarawak and Negeri Sembilan.This including me as the training coordinator.I've been away from my wife(who are now expecting our 1st child) since then.Only made it available during the weekends.But most of the weekend we stayed at home watching TV as I'm too tired to sight-seeing or window shopping.And she started complaining that I've been focusing too much time on my works.Hmmmm silence seems to be my great answer....

The Movies
I've promised my wife to watch a Malay movie (PAPADOM a film by Afdlin Shauki) somewhere in the weekend but failed to keep my words as i've been too tired for that.My wife just keep her thought or complaints this time and wanted me to realize it by myself (maybe???)...But last weekend i managed to bought the DVD...yay!we watched it at home..

After watching the movies, tears dropped though my eyes.I cried..Yes!it touched me so deep that i realised now how important it is to spent a Quality Times with our loves one.Just like the people who refused to attend the training course. They just wanted to be with their loves one.And they've been responsible to their responsibilities..

Now i know ..really know "As It Touched Me"..

P/s: Try to search for PAPADOM dvd and watch it..I'll guarantee u guys will be touch by the message from afdlin shauki..Another movie about family ties entitled "Big Fish" directed by Tim Burton.Try to watch this as you will immediately miss you father/dad after the movie end....

Mohamad Aizat Mohd Zawawi

Jumaat, 13 November 2009

Tips membantu anak belajar menulis

Anak menyukai menggambar di semua tempat, di kertas, majalah bahkan di tembok. Jadi mulailah dukung bakatnya dengan mengajarkan kepadanya menuliskan hurus ABC dst. Berikut ini Tips membantu anak memulai belajar menulis:

1. Temukan Metode kreatif Dalam Mengajarkannya. Hal ini akan membuat si kecil tidak bosan ketika belajar, misalnya biarkan ia menulis dengan kapur pada lantai garasi (trotoar depan rumah) atau dengan cat air pada dinding belakang rumah.

2. Ajak Anak untuk menuliskan cerita pada sebuah kertas, walaupun dia hanya menuliskan tulisan ‘cakar ayamnya’. Mintalah dia untuk menceritakan ulang tulisannya tersebut.

3. Mintalah anak untuk menggambarkan sesuatu, dan buat cerita tentang gambar tersebut kemudian menceritakannya kepada Anda. Rekamlah cerita yang dibawakan si kecil tersebut, dan ceritakan ulang untuknya. Hal ini akan dapat menunjukkan hubungan antara menulis dan kata-kata yang diucapkan.

4. Bantulah si kecil membuat buku secara sederhana dengan melipat setengah kertas, kemudia men-stapling-nya di bagian tengah. Mintalah si kecil untuk memenuhi bukunya dengan ‘coretan-coretan’ tulisannya ataupun ilustrasi terhadap sebuah cerita tertentu.

5. Anjurkan Anak untuk mengenali huruf dengan membuat kartu-kartu alphabet. Potonglah huruf-huruf dari majalah, dan tempelkanlah pada kartu-kartu tersebut.

6. Biarkan si kecil melihat bagaimana Anda menulis. Tunjukkan padanya hasil tulisan Anda dan mintalah ia menuliskan tulisan tersebut, meskipun masih dengan ‘cakar ayamnya’ dan mintalah ia membaca hasil tulisannya dengan keras.


Assalamualaikum Kreativator sekalian,

Masih ingat pada permainan LEGO di zaman kanak-kanak anda ?Bagi generasi yang lahir sekitar tahun lewat 70an hingga 80an pasti ingat..atau pernah membelikan permainan ini pada anak2 anda pada zaman itu atau sekarang...Permainan LEGO ini masih popular hingga kini...

Permainan ini pada asasnya hanyalah susunan blok2 plastik yang boleh bercantum dan dijadikan 'benda' baru..mcm pistol,kereta kebal,lori dan sebagainya..terpulang pada kreativiti si pemain...tapi pada zaman saya masih kanak2 ,ayah hanya mampu belikan LEGO versi made in china (maklumlah ayah hanya berpangkat rendah di Kem Askar di Taiping)..yang jual dalam bungkusan dalam RM3 sebungkus dan ada la dalam 30-40 bongkah lego..versi ini tidak seperti BRAND LEGO tu..mahal!!!

Tetapi yang menariknya permainan ini mencetus sifat kreativiti diri saya sejak kecil lagi..mungkin kawan-kawan yang lain begitu juga..sebab permainan ini mengajar kita untuk 'memasang' blok2 tersebut menjadi perkara yang kita nak..mcm saya katakan tadi,boleh buat pistol,kete dan lain2....

Yang menariknya,aplikasi permainan ini telah berpanjangan hingga ke zaman millennium ini..saya perasan akan perkara ini semasa membeli perabot di IKEA dan TESCO...kalau kita beli perabot ni,kite kene pasang sendiri di rumah..pekerja IKEA boleh pasangkan tapi kena charge 10% dari harga asal perabot tu..teringat saya pada statement isteri saya : "buat ape susah2 bayar,kita anggap macam main LEGO!!!"...maka kami pasanglah sendiri..memang mcm main was fun all the way..kami dapat pasang 2 almari baju,sofa,rak tv dan kabinet dapur..sebab setiap perabot diberi arahan atau manual pengguna...

Apabila fikirkan akan perkara ini,saya cukup memikirkan siapa kah pengasas permainan LEGO ini..bagaimana ianya dicipta untuk digunakan kemahiran yang terdapat didalam permainan tersebut untuk diaplikasi kemahiran itu ke 20tahun selepasnya...hmmm mcm George Lucas mengarahkan filem Star Wars pada tahun 80an tapi menyiapkan 3 siri prequel(sebelum) pada tahun 2000..mampu dia berfikir begitu?


Mohamad Aizat Mohd Zawawi
KIK-ers SM

Khamis, 12 November 2009

KREATIF-siri 1

Assalamualaikum Kreativator sekalian...

Sudah lama saya menyimpan hasrat untuk berkongsi sedikit pandangan & informasi mengenai maksud "Kreatif" ini. Mungkin sejak kumpulan FIQIR mula ditubuhkan lagi.

Melalui rujukan kamus ,KREATIF bermaksud - keupayaan untuk mencipta atau menghasilkan sesuatu..

Tapi saya pernah terbaca pada blog seorang ANAK MELAYU (keturunan jawa lagi), yang bernama Saiful Nang yang mendefinisikan KREATIF sebagai "menghasilkan sesuatu yang luar biasa atau istimewa dengan menggunakan sumber yang sangat terhad"....

Pada saya definisi ini sangat mendalam dan bertepatan maksudnya jika digunapakai oleh kita.Seperti yang kumpulan kita capai pada waktu ini...dapat menghasilkan pelbagai perkara walaupun dengan sumber yang terhad...kreatif bukan?

YA!kumpulan FIQIR sangat kreatif.....

P/s: Saiful Nang adalah seorang Jurugambar Profesional bertaraf antarabangsa dan juga pengasas kepada Candidsyndrome yang memulakan perniagaan fotografinya dengan modal RM90 sahaja.Kini beliau sudah menjelajah keseluruh dunia berbekalkan semangat kretif beliau.Layari beliau di

Gambar di atas itu lah En Siful Nang (saya bangga ada anak melayu mcm dia di muka bumi sekarang..menjadi inspirasi saya) dan Pakej yang disediakan oleh beliau (dalam harga Euro tu)...