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Selasa, 24 November 2009

As It Touched Me..

Assalamualaikum wbt & Greetings KIK-ers,

Its been a hethic 2 months for us in Training & Competency Program (SM02) as we finally managed to conduct 7 series of motivational training program for institute's lower level staff which involved 1312 numbers of participants. Started from East Coast (Tok Bali,Kelantan) to Northern of Malaysia (Sg Petani,Kedah) to Bintulu ,Sarawak and a great 'touch down' in Port Dickson,Negeri Sembilan.We finally managed to 'give' at least 2 days of training day for our lower level staff who are mainly our labourers.Its a great team effort and an experienced I will never ever forget..

Refused To Join The Training Program
As we go along to conduct the training program, we at SM02 received a lots of letters from our participants as a words of refusal to attend the course.The main reason a mostly related to family matters such as "Tiada orang nak menghantar anak ke sekolah", "menjaga anak kerana isteri maghadapi peperiksaan" and so on...Yet,it came to my mind to conclude that these are the types of people who are really refused to something that good and beneficial for them.

My Wife Complaints
To make this training program meets its objectives, we in SM02 as the Secretariat need to be along throughout this 'tour' from Kelantan to Kedah to Sarawak and Negeri Sembilan.This including me as the training coordinator.I've been away from my wife(who are now expecting our 1st child) since then.Only made it available during the weekends.But most of the weekend we stayed at home watching TV as I'm too tired to sight-seeing or window shopping.And she started complaining that I've been focusing too much time on my works.Hmmmm silence seems to be my great answer....

The Movies
I've promised my wife to watch a Malay movie (PAPADOM a film by Afdlin Shauki) somewhere in the weekend but failed to keep my words as i've been too tired for that.My wife just keep her thought or complaints this time and wanted me to realize it by myself (maybe???)...But last weekend i managed to bought the DVD...yay!we watched it at home..

After watching the movies, tears dropped though my eyes.I cried..Yes!it touched me so deep that i realised now how important it is to spent a Quality Times with our loves one.Just like the people who refused to attend the training course. They just wanted to be with their loves one.And they've been responsible to their responsibilities..

Now i know ..really know "As It Touched Me"..

P/s: Try to search for PAPADOM dvd and watch it..I'll guarantee u guys will be touch by the message from afdlin shauki..Another movie about family ties entitled "Big Fish" directed by Tim Burton.Try to watch this as you will immediately miss you father/dad after the movie end....

Mohamad Aizat Mohd Zawawi

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Nor Ziana berkata...

ramai yang kata movie papadom ni very the touching..i haven't watch it..dowh! however, maybe we should take this opportunity during this school holidays so that we can spend more time with family..hmmm