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Khamis, 26 November 2009

Along with my memory lane

Working in MARDI from time to time you are required to travel to the research stations located scattered all over Malaysia. During the trip you have opportunity staying in a nice place which sometimes able to retrieved back your sweet memories. I want to share with you some of them here over times. Hopefully its would help you to trigger some good idea out of this as whats I alway do and I sincerely hope more and more peoples will share theirs like what Aizat just did.

Early in the morning when the sun still at its rest. All the birds yet to leave their nest... morning dews just started falling down wetting the grass.. as the sand still intact embracing the wetness of morning dews... old fisherman folks getting ready to pull their boats entering south chinese sea without knowing for sure whats they will get in return to feed those who waiting at home... thats what had happening here long long time ago... now you can not experience it any more, like what I did last time
. However you can still watch this panoramic views in front of Anis Chalet, in Kg Tanjung Gelam... a traditional fisherman village near Kuala Trengganu city.... about 6 or 8 km from airpot just next to University Malaysia Trengganu. Brother Makul drebar cemerlang SM can send you to the place

Although you can still watching fisherman pulling their boats like before but everything has changing now... no more wooden perahu kolek, sekuci or bedor or muto patat potong as whats they were using before.... all those gone in exchanging with small fibreglass boats, almost all under government subsidy scheme, except for my father's one which he bought for himself.

I can still remember that last time when I was still a teenager I used to be a member of the group that pull the boat, putting cylinder shape of small logs underneath the boat as platform or galang as what they call it, making the pulling works easier. As a reward we will be given a few fish by the boat owner which I sell them for my pocket money or for paying bus fare to my school in Seberang Takir or more accurate Bukit Tok Bing, now Sekolah Menengah Ibrahim Fikri. I still remember tok ki (my grandpa) as juruselam those days, used to give me pretty lots of fish by any standard during that time. My father not always there because he often masuk kuala, meaning going to Kuala Trengganu jetty or rang ayoh mat at Seberang Takir straight from the sea to sell the catches on behalf of other fishermen. I will stori-stori in my blog Kampung Nelayan later if you like. My father is jeragang muto i.e the man incharge captaining big vessel with internal engine.

Its touched my heart on the day I visited them, we can still speak in fisherman lingo as we used before, storying about how they treat me while i am still one of them. I can feels how happy Pak Mat, ayahsu Yah, Pak su Daik and other fishermen there, speaking to me, chatting old stories. Way back in my fisherman days like them, we all gi kelaut to gather. During that time some of them called me jeragang muda because at one time I was helping my father paying duit cemo which actually parts of their share of income from the catches for the day, when they still working with my father. Being an orang beso dok Kolumpo now as what they have said, do not changed me much. As for myself, I am glad that I was benefit a lots from helping my father managing his awok-awok. I am applying lots of my father's management principle in my works as TPSM04 now and my earlier works.... again I will write more in my blog. Till then I wish you all Eid Mubarak.... may Allah bless us. Salam 1 Malaysia dari ............. jeragang

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