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Selasa, 1 Disember 2009

what do you expect .......

Photo sometimes could be misleading .  Its depends on where you focus the object to be specific target and get whats you  want. If you properly closed up more often or not small thing can become big. Things that suppost near to us can be very far away..... its all in you mind .......worst still if you fail put things properly on its perspective you may not even know where it is. look at the photo properlly ...... can you guess where it is
if you want it more clearer you shoud look at this one
or this one can give you more help .... what? still not clear
oh yea.... try this one
and by now you have enough confidence to tell me where are those photo taken.... mind you probably some of us going might be going there many many time or even used to work there.... prize for member that can answer accurately

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