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Selasa, 1 Disember 2009

as I can see it

It was heartening to see whats happening in last Fiqir meeting. Everybody seems to me wanted to be involve in the process of chosing the project for the team. I am very happy that I was able to be around in witnessing the team finally come to the consentious in deciding 'memendekkan saluran komunikasi dalam perlaksanaan keputusan'. I think the decission is very timely considering that peoples are complainning about our slowness  in implementation. Lets see what the team can explore further.... may be down to the roots of the problems and find ways of solving them. Judging from the discussion prior to the decission in last meeting I believed without doubt that the group have the capability to perform and delivering the result. However they must win the support from BPSM management first, of course. Is the presentation ready Has?

As I can see, they all very indepth  in analysing the problems resulting from vast experiences collected over a long long times. I can sense some of the members were very frank in speaking their mind. Most of all, they can defend their opinion in a very hard way and at the same time respect others..... keep up the good work guys! I am very happy to follow how the group disscused and put foward reasonning over certain things and chip in when necessary to guide them reaching the consentious.  I sincerelly hope that the team will manage to suggest a working flatform as a long term solution to the problem. Whatever happen I am looking foreward to accompany you all reaching final destination...... jeragang 

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