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Jumaat, 2 April 2010

Presentation Pics

Salam all..

Its my 1st contribution to this blog....huhu ampunssss :)
But anyway, thanx to all members who contributed much to brighten up our blog. Just got those presentation pics from Pak Din, sorry takes some time to upload it, hv convert it to smaller pix

Here are some 'scenes' during the presentation of project progress to the Management....enjoy!

Control pitching while singing our theme song 'Impian Luhur'....

Preparing for presentation n QnA battle session..ngaaaaa

Our leader, KAI lead the presentation...hocus focus everyone!
**thanx to Nik Adib, our former member for his effort n idea to create our logo


Finally...end of presentation, Juragan with awak-awak sekalian with pride showing our official KIK to Shah together with Kak Ila for their hardship to show/build part of our identity n rock on..too bad Shah had to rush out for another meeting after that (no wonder he's not in this pic...hurmmm), the rest.....fuhhhhh...lega!!

Good job everyone!

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