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Ahad, 14 Februari 2010

Future of the World

I think this artical still releven even its been written a long ago.

Future of the world is the topic picked up by Nik and shahdeliklau after they discuss together on 29 Mei 2008. We decided to elaborate more on what is going to happen to this world that we living right now. The area of discussion is free and depends on ourselves. We agree that there is nothing wrong in view up our opinion.

As for me I realize that world is changing rapidly. I write down several areas that might be interesting to discuss. I am going to use English language so that I can improve my writing skill as well. Like people said “Throw birds with a stone”. As I learn to express out my opinion about the future world I also can polish and increase my ability to write in English.

Firstly I would like to imagine what gone to happen for the next 10years. The area that I would like to touch is regarding the wellness industry. People seem very adore about to make long living or to increase the life expectancy. Even the smokers also hope that they will life for 100 years. People in the world like to expand their age from 60 to 80. Moreover they also don’t want to be looked as an old man or women. So even nowadays people like to look after the Viagra, vitamins, additional health food. The industry will be expanded rapidly as the industry need to more research in most wanted herb or drug. Panadol as a great brand in Malaysia also looking forward to upgraded their medicine to be more relevance and introduce new tag line ‘active Fast’. Like others company also add some benefit by introducing and comply to the international standard such as by rebrand their production of medicine have been follow thru’ the Nano technology. My imagination is not all. I give the explanation and some example so that my statement can be rely on.

There is so many company claim that their product is really good with a GMP and JAKIM qualification. They claim everything such as, if we take this tablet we will become younger as the time goes by. Forever young. So for the next 10 years people will take more time to go shopping because they have to read every single thing written on the product. This is because the wellness industry is no longer concentrating on the medicine only but its has spread out including the household product. With this evidence I am surely the wellness industry will become one of the major industry in the world. Multilevel Marketing usually been used as a right vehicle to market the product and soon the supermarket also take the advantage to promote the product in their outlet. Before this we only can have Gano CafĂ© thru’ the agent but soon the product will be sold in supermarket or hypermarket. Actually there much more I would like to discuss regarding the wellness industry. So the conclusion I would like to say that 10 years from now the manufacturing industry will be second class then the wellness industry. People would not buy tv or fans but they rather spend their money to buy age to add up their ages so that they can live longer. If this could be happen people of the world will be more and more. Death is the most horrible word to be heard.

Therefore my first comment on the future of the world is about the changing of the industry. People would seek any element that compliment to their desire which is to live longer.


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