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Selasa, 9 Februari 2010


Planning and implementing development program in Malaysia require special attention on their people. Needless to say you must consider the requirement of multi-ethnic society living on Malaysian soil. For each and every community having their own requirement and more often than not they are very difference from the others. However weather they like it or not all of them must continueously learn how to live togather and cooperate to each other in maintaining the harmony. The arts of balancing must always be the main skill needed by the political parties operated in Malaysia in securing community support. Some of  them put forward long term strategies in monitoring implementation.

As food for thought I extract some thought from MCA,  THE MALAYSIAN CHALLANGES - Strategies for Growth and Development.... please think out of box ......

   "  It is important to assure both Bumiputeras and non-Bumiputeras that their positions will not be worse off if    system of quotas are abandoned and replaced by new basis of sharing based on merit and needs. We must learn to move away from the zero sum mentality that if someone wins, another loses. We need to build trust and confidence in a new system that can strengthen genuine multi-racial corporation, such that with greater cooperation, all sides can win. Let us therefore work to break down artificial barriers that devide us. Let us not be hemmed in by narrow streotyped thinking. Let us be bold and visionary enough to build a better Malaysia, where trust displaces mistrust, where  cooperation replaces suspicion and where there is peace, stability and harmony in the 1900s and beyond. More importantly, it is time we move away from the stage of well-intentioned rhetoric to a stage of mutual action. Lets us not let this historic opportunity slip by - an opportunity to build a nation, united and strong. "

This is extracted from paper in proceding of MCA seminar held in octover 1989.. during the time political tsunami was unthinkable and concept 1 Malaysia still not come across our mind... now its up to you young guys to digest and making good out of the food I prepared for.... do you think 1 Malaysia concept is the jouney to realised our dream? .... let works on it togather.... as what the oldie waiting for, long long time, of course including this not too old man called.... jeragang

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shahdeliklau berkata...

I don't know actually where to begin but as far as i concern if the statement being released years ago perharp we can see nowdays everything has changed. A lots of discussion and negotiation among the component parties make our malaysia become more tolerance and we as malays giving and giving without receiving. Maybe i am still inside the box but the principles must not be adjust too much...